Extra-curricular activities

Broadening Student Horizons

The cultural programme offered by Dublin Oak Academy strives to broaden the student’s personal horizons by introducing them to the way people lived before in another land, and better understand the world around them.

This cultural programme, harmoniously blended with and supported by the Academy’s human formation programme, will help the students evaluate and appreciate the positive elements of Irish culture and in so doing they will discover and cherish their own culture.

Outings are an element of the Dublin Oak experience that supports cultural appreciation, fun, and athletic development.





Recreational & Formative Sports Clinics & Physical Education

Dublin Oak believes deeply in the importance of athletics as an integral part of the total education of mind and body, therefore, strives to ensure that its sports clinics are recreational and formative. In addition to developing a child’s body, well-monitored sports increase a boy’s self-confidence, his ability to work as a member of a team, his willingness to accept and meet challenges, and his desire for constant improvement: all essential elements in a man of character.

We commit considerable resources in time, effort and money to delivering the best sporting experience to our students that we can and we are always striving to improve this aspect of the academy.

Sports Challenge

Dublin Oak Academy offers a competitive and complete Sports Programme. Physical Education classes combined with Sports Clinics, give our students the opportunity to develop their skills and learn about healthy living habits.

Sports Clinics

The sporting year at Dublin Oak Academy is broken into three clinic terms of roughly 11 weeks each.  Each boy chooses two sports to do each clinic term.  At the beginning of each new term, the boy has the opportunity to change clinics.

All Clinics are offered at beginner and advanced level.

  • Basketball
  • Martial Arts
  • Rugby
  • Cross Country
  • Football (Soccer)
  • Tennis
  • Horse Riding
  • Golf

Physical Education (P.E.)

PHYSICAL EDUCATION (PE) PE is a subject designed to teach students a different range of sports in order to develop motor skills, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, flexibility, agility, and speed. These components of fitness are put to the test during the year and students can monitor their progression. We test these components using fitness testing system such as Cooper Test, 60m Spirit Test (speed) and others.

Dublin Oak’s P.E. programme seeks to promote a healthy lifestyle and achievement of physical goals among the students through:

·         Games. Cricket, Hockey, Rounders, Gaelic Football, Soccer, Futsal, Basketball, Dodge Ball, Badminton, Rugby and more.

·         Swimming. 50m races, different strokes and more.

·         Athletics. Running Events, Shot Putt, High Jump, Long Jump.

·         Dance. Movement to Music.

·         Gymnastics. using Apparatus, Travel.

·         Outdoor Pursuits. Orienteering, Cross Country Running, etc.

·         Health Education Modules. Skeletal System, Muscular System, Circulatory System, Diet and First Aid.

Building Skills, Character, and Life-long Passion

Our Physical Education and Sports programme is designed to allow pupils discover what sport they excel in. This will encourage them to continue with a lifelong participation in sport, once back in their country of origin.

In Dublin Oak Academy Sport is a tool which not only encourages team play but also looks at promoting and developing leadership skills, fair play and the test of challenging oneself to improve in a given task.




Extended Trips / Excursions

The students are encouraged to participate in the Christmas and Easter trips as these events foster friendship and companionship as well as serving as a powerful tool for the students human and cultural formation.

Optional Trips


·         London in England     

·         Barcelona or Valencia in Spain     

·         Paris in France          

Trip Planning & Cancelation Policy

Those parents interested in their son's participation on the Christmas and Easter trips organized by the Academy should have paid no later than 31st October and 31st January respectively. If they have not done so, we would not be able to include their sons in the group.

Refunds due to cancelation of extended trips are subject to penalties.

No refunds will be made on payments made for extended trips unless written cancelation notice be given to and receipt acknowledged by a recognized representative of Oak Management, Ltd. six weeks prior to the first day of the trip. However, in such cases, parents are asked to bear in mind that any reservation fees already paid to travel agencies, airlines, hotels or resorts on behalf of the student will be deducted from any forthcoming refund.

Information for Students Not Attending Extended Trips

Considering the responsibility the academy assumes for the students who participate on the extended trips, only those students with acceptable grades and conduct will be permitted to attend these trips.

Those students who choose not to attend or the Academy has suggested them not to attend either the Christmas or Easter trips are requested to leave the Academy and return as indicated in the Academy’s calendar. Parents are responsible for all travel arrangements. Should airline travel be necessary, parents are kindly requested to schedule flights out of Dublin airport with departures between 11 AM and 6 PM as indicated in the calendar. Students should return to the Academy as indicated in the calendar, arriving at Dublin airport between 11 AM and 6 PM.

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