School Exams

Monthly and Final Exams

All students are expected to sit monthly and final exams.

Grades are the ordinary means the Academy uses in order to inform parents of the student's academic progress. They are sent to each boy's parents after each unit exams, on the days designated in the school year calendar. Parents are encouraged to read the grades carefully and discuss progress and setbacks with their sons.

Grades Ranges

  • 100 - 85 Excellent
  • 84 - 70 Very Good
  • 69 - 55 Good
  • 54 - 40 Acceptable
  • below 40 Unacceptable

Exam Conduct

Because of the honesty which should characterize our students, any attempt to copy during an exam will be taken as failed. By this, it is implied that they should have no notes, books on or near the desk.

No student should communicate with any of his companions during an exam, whether by words, signs or notes. Failure to do so will mean a zero in the exam.

Exams should not be shown to anyone during the exam.

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