Dublin Oak’s curriculum is designed both to support and challenge your son’s abilities in an English speaking environment.

There are three different Academic Courses at Dublin Oak:

Annual Course - September to June

Autumn Course - September to December

Spring Course - January to June


At Dublin Oak Academy, all students are brought through a study skills programme that is intended to improve their study habits and techniques. The students are expected to follow this programme whilst at the academy.


The students will be shown how to set out goals for themselves in all aspects of their formation: academic, spiritual, personal and athletic. They will be encouraged to make these goals short, medium and long-term. They will be shown how to measure and revise them.

The students will also be trained in techniques in how to do timetable their study; do their homework more efficiently; make notes in all subjects; organise their notes; revise their notes; and summarize their notes using mind-maps.

This programme has achieved wonderful results over several years and is something that students take with them when they return home. Many alumni have testified that they are still using these techniques effectively at university.


Students at Dublin Oak Academy develop analytical and critical thinking skills. Classroom instruction provides the required content, guidelines and practical skills, while encouraging the students to exercise creativity and independent thought.

The pedagogical framework of a Dublin Oak education includes personalized programs, tutoring, directed study and pre-established study periods.


Cambridge Exams

Dublin Oak Academy students receive Cambridge University English Language Certificates, depending on their level of expertise in the use of English.

Cambridge certificates are recognised internationally as proof of competence in English language.

Our students will present the following levels at the Cambridge University English exams:

Preliminary English Test (PET)
First Certificate of English (FCE)


TIE (Test of Interactive English)

The Test of Interactive English (TIE) is recognised by the National Qualifications Authority of Ireland (NQAI), a statutory body of the Department of Education and Skills.


Advisory Council for English Language Schools (ACELS)

TIE is an international EFL exam developed in Ireland by a group of Irish English language professionals under the aegis of the Advisory Council for English Language Schools (ACELS) a government agency responsible for quality assurance in English language teaching. TIE is suitable for school students and our students will sit this test (that includes both, oral and written papers) as part of the English training programme.



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