Whether you are staying in exclusive luxury or modest self-catering accommodation, one thing you can be certain of in Ireland is that you'll receive a warm welcome. The Irish are renowned for their friendliness. Even in big corporate hotels, where you might expect the reception to be more impersonal, the staff goes out of their way to be hospitable. The choice is enormous: you can stay in an elegant 18th century country house, a luxurious (or slightly run-down) castle, a Victorian town house or an old-fashioned commercial hotel.

Our listings recommend more than 20 hotels in the Dublin area, near Dublin Oak's dormitories, near Dublin Oak Academy's Castle and near Dublin airport.All these places of quality, ranging from simple three star hotel to unashamed luxury accommodation. Bord Fáilte (The Irish Tourist Board) publishes comprehensive guides. You can also check and for information on hotels in Dublin and all over Ireland. In this listings you will find all the contact information

Choosing a Hotel and Bookings

The Academy recommends you to reserve your accommodation during the peak season and public holidays in advance, particularly if your visit coincides with a major sporting or entertainment event.

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