Quality Food Concept at Oak Academies

This concept is called “ Ligne bleue


To apply in all the Oak Academies a concept of dietary excellence, allowing a synergy which is attractive for the students’ parents, the students, the heads of the academies and the members of staff of our schools.


  • To serve to our student “customers” a varied and balanced diet, which will promote their good health, and which will adhere to the principles of the dietary pyramid.
  • To serve good quality meals, attractively presented and in good taste.
  • To get the students to understand the real necessity to eat healthy food and to have sound health principles.
  • To allow the pre-adolescents and adolescents to grow up in the very best nutritional health conditions.
  • To promote the pleasures of the table and of meals by giving food that corresponds to the needs of young people, taking care to avoid the snares of inappropriate food, often eaten thoughtlessly.
  • To transform the daily routine of meals into an educational event, by making the young people aware that eating is an action requiring thought, which can promote longer and better quality life.

A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body!

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