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    How to Apply

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    Important Notes

    Age-limit reference is September 1st of the current year for Annual, Autumn and Spring Courses; July 1st for Summer Courses, and January 1st for Winter Courses.

    Spring Courses are subject to space.

    Autumn Courses are exclusively for students from countries in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Junior High School and High School courses can be taken either by semester or annually. Full-year candidates take preference. Applications per semester are subject to space.

    Psychology, Health, and Ethics

    Programs, activities, and schedules are designed to achieve harmonious development among students. For this reason, candidates are required to be in good physical and mental health. Poor health may limit admission chances.

    9th Grade Applicants (Third Year of Secondary School)

    Experience has shown that ninth grade tends to entail issues with adjustment. For this reason, applicants must pass through several filters in order to ensure a smooth transition and successful stay at the Academy. Selection is very meticulous. Applicants must interview with a Legionary or an International Educator. Their comments must be included within the application.

    Family Support

    Parents of children admitted are asked to support the school’s moral formation by encouraging their child to comply with the standards and regulations of each academy. They are further asked to supply and complete accurate records for each candidate. Falsification of documentation will be grounds for their registration to be rejected and canceled.

    School Credit

    It is indispensable that all courses taken in previous school periods be accredited. Students will not be allowed to repeat passed or failed school courses. Our educational centers’ reputation for academic excellence requires that all candidates maintain an average grade of 75% to be considered for admittance. The following table expresses minimum overall average requirements by country to be eligible for admission.

    The following table expresses minimum overall average requirements by country to be eligible for admission.

    Maximum Grade 10 1+ 10/A 10 20/A A 7 E 100 20 100 5 O 10 10 5 20
    Minimum Approval Grade 7 4- 6.5 5 10/C D 4 B- 60 14 60 3 S 4 6 3 10
    Minimum Average for  Annual & Autumn 7.5 3+ 7.5 7 16/B C+ 5.5 B 75 16 75 4 B 6.5 7.5 4 15
    Minimum Average Spring Course 8.5 2- 8.5/B 8 16/B B- 6 B+ 80 17 80 4 D 7.5 8.5 4 17
    Minimum Grade Required by Subject 7 3 7 6 10/C C- 5 B 70 16 70 3 B 6 7 3 12


    The academy will send written acknowledgment by e-mail once the candidate has met the full requirements for admission. Incomplete admission applications will not be considered. Payment of the admission application fee and the full or partial advance payment for the selected courses does not guarantee a candidate’s acceptance.

    After a candidate’s full documentation has been received, parents will receive the Acceptance Terms and Conditions booklet, which they must sign to acknowledge having read and agreed to it. Once returned the admission application enters the review process, at which time the candidate is considered for admittance.

    Dates and Deadlines

    Course Deadline

    Date Received at the Academy
     Oct. 16Oct. 30

    Admission Board Response
    November 15

    Period Summer

    Date Received at the Academy
     Dec. 16Dec. 30
     Apr. 1 End of Easter

    Course Deadline

    Date Received at the Academy
     June 1June 15

    Admission Board Response
    June 30

    Course Deadline Annual/Autumn

    Date Received at the Academy
     July 16July 30

    Admission Board Response
    August 15


    Academic excellence begins at Dublin Oak.