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    Catholic formation

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    Provide students with the necessary elements to acquire a personal experience of Christ and a deep, complete, consistent and gradual knowledge of the faith of the Church, and to live and transmit it in accordance with their Christian vocation to holiness and apostolate.

    This Catholic formation  has as its principal purpose these seven spiritual and apostolic goals:

    While students are gradually introduced to the knowledge of the mystery of salvation, they become ever more aware of the gift of faith they have received;

    That students learn how to worship God in spirit and truth (John 4:23) especially through the liturgy;

    That students work in their personal lives to conform according to the new man created in justice and holiness of truth (Eph. 4:22-24); The new man in Christ

    That students develop into mature adults in the fullness of Christ (cf. Eph. 4:13);

    That students contribute to the growth of the Mystical Body, the Church;

    That students, aware of their calling, learn how to bear witness to the hope that is in them (cf. Peter 3:15)

    That students help in the Christian formation of the world that takes place when natural powers viewed in the full consideration of man redeemed by Christ contribute to the good of the whole society.

    First, Second, and Third Year Secondary

    The same textbook is applied in all grades, emphasis being highlighted on those aspects which are more relevant to the maturity of each level.

    The Course begins with a brief introduction to Sacred Scripture since ignorance of it is Ignorance of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church as authentic interpreter and preserver of His message of Salvation. The students attend daily Mass and have ready access to the Sacrament of Confession. Most of the them have never had this opportunity before so we thought it prudent to include both of these sacraments in our first chapters so that our students could gain more graces through a fuller appreciation of them. The introduction ends with a chapter on Our Lady and the Dogmas referring to her so that they know and venerate as She deserves.

    The central aspect of the Course are the Ten Commandments as that path which God shows us on our journey to Heaven. The Rich young man in Saint Luke’s Gospel received as an answer to his query: What should I do to inherit eternal life?” ,”Fulfill the Commandments”. To fulfill they must know them. Following this they study the Precepts of the Church.

    Most of our students are Confirmed here in Ireland during the year course and so we dedicate sufficient time in our course to understand the weight of the commitment they have assumed in their Baptism which comes to maturity in their Confirmation. The Catholic Faith is their Faith. They profess to know it, live it and spread it.

    The conclusion of the Course is dedicated to knowing Our Lord Jesus Christ better and to know that they can count of His constant help and protection.